Las Vegas Bay Macgregor Association

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Q: What are the Major LVBMA Events?

A: We have two major events per year.  The Mead Madness (MM) Sail in late April and the Fall Flotilla (FF) Sail in early October (during the Columbus Day week).

Q: Does LVBMA charge dues for membership?

A: LVBMA is a FREE association of sailboat owners and sailor members sailing on Lake Mead.

Q: Do I have to start with the fleet to join a sail?

A: NO!  You can join and leave the sail at your convenience during the MM and FF Sail week.  We monitor VHF Channel 68 at the hour  to provide the current location and overnight destination of the fleet on request.

We always overnight on Sunday evening of the start of the event week at or near Middle Point (Junction of the Overton Arm and the Virgin Basin).

Q: I am a "Newbie" skipper, am I welcome?

A: YES.!  We have a regular group of seasoned skippers which are all willing to provide advice and assistance during our bi-annual sail events.

Q: I would like to crew on a sailboat in an event?

A: Crewing on a sailboat during one of our events is solely at the discretion and liability of the owner skipper.  The association has no function in this matter, save for possible introductions to a skipper looking for crew.  It would be best to make your intentions and crewing experience  known well in advance of an event through this site, to allow  skippers looking for crew to respond.  It is highly recommended that you do not overstate your sailing experience. 

Q: Where is the best place to provision my boat?

A: If coming by way of Rt 147 (Lake Mead Blvd), I recommend the strip mall at the corner of Lake Mead and Boulder HWY.  It has a Wal-Mart, and West Marine.  Recommend fueling both vehicle and boat prior to entering Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  

Q: Do you rent out or charter sailboats for your events?

A: NO. All the sailboats in the events are owned and operated by individual skippers.  The association DOES NOT have any sailboats for rent or charter.

Q: Why do you have "Las Vegas Bay" in the Association's title, when not sailing on Las Vegas Bay?

A: The association was originally formed sailing Las Vegas Bay, however due to the receding waters of Lake Mead (over 100 feet) , Las Vegas Bay is no longer a viable sailing bay.  We have kept the title Las Vegas Bay, as the keyword Las Vegas has the highest hits on search engines next to Orlando FL. 

Q: May any type or size boat join the sails?

A: Yes, any trailer able or Keel  sailboat can join our schedule sails.  Because we are mainly trailer able sailboats with retractable center boards, we beach our boats in a cove on a sandy shore with the cove's  bluff for protection from the night winds.  Each boat puts out an anchor or sand stake to the shore with a secured line from the anchor / sand stake to the boat.  In addition we secure the group of boats together with transom lines to each boat.  Should heavy winds be expected at night, the outboard boats in the group also place a line to a shore stake on their open side.

Keel boats normally raft up their bow between the sterns of two of the beached boats, thus keeping their Fixed Keel in deeper water.

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