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What Las Vegas Bay Macgregor Assoc.  is  about

This is an association of trailer-able sailboat owners and sailors formed to create an atmosphere of friendliness where new members can feel welcomed, when they may have little sailing experience. We are here to assist in the fundamentals of  sailing to anyone that desires to learn sailing on Lake Mead and its five basins.  Due to the requirement to obtain a Special Use Permit from Lake Mead National Recreation Area to conduct "Timed Marine Events" (i.e. Regatta, sailboat race, sailing rally, etc.), the current Las Vegas Bay Macgregor Association (LVBMA) will not be conducting any further "Fun Races" or "Sailing Rallies".  Our gatherings will  be only for social "Get Togethers" of sailboat owners and skippers for social purposes only and outside the requirements for a need of a Special Use Permit.  We have chosen to use the economically small vessels, for as all sailors know, the closer to the water the more fun you can have, and a crew of one can easily handle a trailer-able sailboat.  Larger vessels, like houseboats have more room, but they require more crew to be operated safely.  It's like comparing a bus to a sports car.  However we know that there is much more that you can learn on a smaller vessel, than it is possible to learn on a larger vessel.  LVBMA is FREE to all who might come to our gatherings.  We intend to provide new members by e-mail and through this site, with all the information of any activity we are planning.  Also, all the details will be given, so that they will know exactly what is happening at any moment during that activity via our Las Vegas Bay MacGregor Association web site.  If interested in participating in any of our activities,  E-mail us with:

1. Boat Name (for Hailing purposes on VHF Channel 68)

2. Skipper/owner name

3. Number of crew

4. ETA at Callville Bay Marina for start of a named LVBMA event/activities.

TO:  [email protected]


Map of Lake Mead with Routes of Mead Madness (Late March/Early April) & Fall Flotilla  (Early October-Columbus Day Week) Sails

Red sailboat location is where the LVBMA usually stops over night in its week long group sail.


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